4 Common Behavioral Problems Affecting Teens

Teens experience obstacles and triumphs just like adults. Sadly, far too many teens do not understand the proper ways to cope with problems or who to turn to for help and it leads to disruptive behaviors. Sometimes it is out of the control of anyone, since the trouble is caused by personality disorders or mental illness.

Teens can face many of the same problems as adults, including:

1.    Substance Abuse: Drug and alcohol addiction isn’t limited to adults. A growing percentage of teens find themselves coping with life with the help of drugs and alcohol, which in turn lead to numerous behavior problems.

2.    ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that affects children and teens, resulting in inability to focus or pay attention. This leads to trouble in school and trouble with friends and family.

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3.    Personality Disorders: Personality disorders include Historian disorder, borderline personality disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Personality disorders are not easy to treat but possible with the right medical help and attention. Medications, therapy and other treatments can ease the signs and symptoms of personality disorder.

4.    Anxiety: Life can be pretty stressful but for some teens, the stress never seems to subside regardless of how great life is. If this describes your teen, they may be affected by an anxiety disorder. Help for anxiety disorders include lifestyle changes, therapy, and medications.

This is not a full list of problems that may affect teens, but is among the most important. Luckily, behavioral health provo professionals are around to tend to teens bothered with the concerns above and others. It is essential to take the first steps to get help for your child or teen if their behavior is of concern. With the right help, your child can lead a successful, happy and enjoyable life.